Our History

The Miceli Company has its earliest origins in 1906 when the Commander of Marina Ignazio Miceli began to amass and transport with his schooner Jasper, Sicilian bulk wine from Castellamare del Golfo to various ports in Italy and beyond.

In the 1930s, with Italy's entry into the war, his two ships were requisitioned, an event that led him to open a wine shop in via Gagini, in the heart of Palermo.

In the 1960s, thanks to their competence, image and passion for wine, their son Salvatore and grandson Ignazio also employed the latter in the vineyard and cellar, starting to produce on their own.

Ignazio, Salvatore's son, architect of the transformation of Miceli from a Trading Company to a "Product and Sales Oriented" one, starts a wine marketing business of some Sicilian wineries, contributing to their success and notoriety in Italy and abroad. At the same time it also produces and spreads some of its own historical brands such as Tanit Moscato and Passito DOC Pantelleria and some Sicilian wines.



In the 1970s, the young Ignazio successfully entered the production directly by taking over the section of the winery from a wine cooperative in Sciacca and led 40 hectares of vineyards between Partanna and Selinunte, planting them at yields of approximately 70 ql per hectare to experiment with high quality wines.

In the same period it acquires a historical production site of the seventeenth century, originally devoted to the processing and storage of cereals in Contrada Rakhale in Pantelleria above the Scauri belvedere, transforming it into a cellar and equipping it with the most modern and advanced oenological systems especially for Pantelleria where the process of transformation remained traditional and archaic for centuries.

Among the wines produced to date by Miceli, phenomena such as Yrnm stand out, the first case of dry wine produced with Moscato di Pantelleria Doc grapes, then imitated by many but never equaled in terms of sales, image and typical case of reference Cult product market, together with Nun Passito naturale di Pantelleria DOC, the historic Tanit, and the more recent Yanir Passito Naturale.   YRNM Zibibbo Wine

Smodato Syrah Wine Miceli   From the grapes of selected vineyards located in high hilly areas between the province of Palermo and Trapani, red wines are made such as Smodato, Nero d'Avola and Syrah and modern and trendy such as Fiammato and Verver and the Baaria line composed of Sicilian indigenous wines such as Grillo and Inzolia with the Baaria brand and the continuity of the success of “every day” wines such as the historic white and red Ligorio.

Over the years, Miceli has obtained several special awards. Since the beginning of 2020, Miceli has concentrated all its production activities in the one and only prestigious Cantina di Pantelleria, enhancing it with further winemaking and storage systems, to optimize and consolidate its mission as a traditional wine company and a recognized image of Atelier del Vino. special.   Pantelleria Cantina Miceli



Pantelleria, ospitalità nell'isola

The cellar is equipped with a guesthouse of 7 original and well-kept Dammusi aimed at hospitality and public relations.
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